Local Auto Repair for Oil Leakage Problems

One of the things that would not allow one to find rest is the discovery of an oil leakage in their automobile.

Perhaps it is because one knows its importance to the engine, which happens to be its major consumer.

Whereas a rattling noise in the car can be listened to for a few more days, to try and establish its source or for another reason, it is absolutely not the case with an oil leakage.

Once a symptom of an oil leakage has been identified, the next check-in point is to visit the local auto repair dealer.

 local auto repair professional

Why Local Auto Repair?

It would seem like the logical thing to do is to visit a vehicle dealer who specializes in the brand of the vehicle you possess, but this is not always the case unless the vehicle in question is a high-end model.

This is because the costs are much lower compared to those of the manufacturers’ agents.

The interactive relationship one enjoys with a local auto repair mechanic is enviable, to say the least with no formalities and drawn out bureaucratic processes.

Lastly, the availability of alternative spare parts that supposedly work as well or close to the original is well accommodated, unlike the original car dealers who will only fit it with original parts that come at a cost.

The mechanic will troubleshoot the car for you and fix the oil leak.

Troubleshooting Procedure

In order to establish the cause of the leakage, a local auto repair mechanic will check on the following parameters:

  • Faulty connections. Establish if the gaskets were over-tightened or if the tightening was not uniformly done. Another possible cause could also arise because of not cleaning the last scraps of the old gasket properly, therefore, leaving a gaping hole.
  • Factory defects. A new gasket can have holes. An old gasket positioned in a heat-prone area can also get holes. Besides gaskets, an oil pan lid does also get damaged or come with defects that cause leakage. It is the local auto repairer’s duty to establish the exact source.
  • Cracked cylinder head. This is rare and delicate as one may not see the typical telltale leakage signs of a leak flowing directly into the coolant system.

More Possible Causes

  • An unlikely yet possible cause could be from a broken dipstick tube. Once identified, it is easy to fix.
  • Excess oil levels will automatically spillover.
  • Faulty piston rings or valve seals can allow the seepage of oil into the prohibited combustion chamber or simply burn it off. To diagnose this, the local auto repair mechanic will ask a few questions as to oil consumption over the last few weeks and if the answer is in the affirmative then straightway he will zero in on the piston area.

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Where to Get Help

Seeing that oil affects the heart of the automobile, not every so-called local auto repair professional is to be entrusted with such a delicate task.

This goes for every other part given the expense incurred to acquire it.  

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