Why Pursue a Career in Business Administration

Are you already thinking about what program to pursue in college?

You might already be in your senior high, or you just want to plan your career ahead in the future. Or maybe, you are a parent who wants to give some career advice to your child.

You may want to consider pursuing a degree in business administration and become an administrator in the future.

Reason for Pursuing Business Administration

Business administration is the occupation of running or administering an enterprise or organization. It is a broad field that encompasses a wide range of business management which includes operations management, marketing, finance, information systems, office management, among the list.

Business administration may be a very heavy task but is also a very fulfilling one. The success of a company or an organization can be in the hands of an administrator, who spearheads almost everything.

So what does a business administrator do? What makes business administration a heavy task, and why is it a good career to pursue?

In general, the business administrator is the one in-charge of the daily operations of a company or organization. He or she makes sure that everything is done efficiently.

Duties of an Administrator

These duties include, but are not limited to these things:

1. Create and implement the policies, procedures, and goals in the organization

2. Analyze and manage the operations related to producing quality products or services

3. Supervise on the budget and finance

4. Oversee the implementation of new technologies

5. Manage departments and appoint head and staff

6. Create and negotiate contracts

7. Determine ways to cross-cut

8. Promote and market the enterprise

9. Motivate staff

10. Evaluate employee performance

As an administrator, you are handling not only the operations but also the people in a company or organization, and therefore you must have an exceptional skill in leadership. A good administrator must be a good leader.

Skills and Abilities of a Business Administrator

Aside from that, a business administrator should excel in many things. Among the skills and abilities that a business administrator is expected to have or develop are the following:

1. communication

2. prioritization

3. organization

3. information technology

3. planning and forecasting

4. accounting and budgeting

5. analytics

6. diverse

7. tolerant

8. collaborative

9. networking

10. research

11. managerial skills

12. negotiation

13. decision making

14. respectful

15. motivated and motivates

16. creative and innovative

17. trustworthy

18. confidence

19. confidentiality and discretion

Business administrators for big companies

With this knowledge and skills, and the responsibilities that you are to fulfill, surely, being an administrator is not an easy job. But with the different knowledge, skills, and insights that you will be able to develop and master as you go on, it surely can become a fulfilling career. They are no ordinary people. They are able to develop not only technical and entrepreneurial skills, but attitude and relationship towards work and other people.


If you want a fulfilling career where you can not only help in the success of a company, but also help yourself improve and grow, pursue business administration, and start your journey to becoming an effective business administrator.